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Wired Telephone Headsets - Addcom ADD200

Featuring a Noise Cancelling mic design, the suggested use for our ADD-200 telephone headset Series is in office environments. 
This light weight, multi wearing style headset is suitable for noisy environments.
The Quantum Pro Noise Cancelling headset is sleek, stylish and right at home in the most sophisticated of offices. Better still, it’s as hardworking as it is good looking with a range of
state-of-the-art features and a reputation for durability.
The simple push-button ADDLOCK makes changingfrom headband to earhook* a convenient one-handed operation. A 270° adjustable microphone boom allows for easy flipping from ear to ear while its super flexible rubber design ensures a perfect fit.
All-day comfort is further complemented by the headset’s exceptional lightness and a self-aligning, floating earpiece that sits easily on the ear without pressing against the user’s head. Sound quality is crisp, clear and natural thanks to the use of a broader bandwidth for the speaker combined with an innovative speaker cabinet.
While a bidirectional microphone provides an exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio to acoustically transduce the user’s voice.
* Ear Hook sold separately

Stylish yet practical design
Adjustable noise cancelling microphone
Flexible microphone boom
Self-aligning, floating earpiece
Hi-fidelity speaker
Acoustic shock limiting diode
ADDLOCK push-button conversion gives call centre agents a convenient choice of either
over the head or over the ear useage
(Optional Ear Hook sold separately)
The lightweight ear hook’s stabilising bar keeps it at a constant distance from the ear thereby eliminating pressure and ensuring greater comfort
Clickstop adjustable headband
Durable Quick Disconnect
Adjustable clothing clip
Product Compatibility :
ADDCOM Multimedia Amplifer ADD-990
ADDCOM Multi Purpose Switch ADD-818
Curly Cord - various
USB cable with DSP-ADDQD-05
Ear foam - ADD-1001
Leatherette - ADD-1002
Ear Hook stabilising foam - ADD-1005
Replacement Headband - ADD-1006
Optional Ear Hook - ADD-1007
Supervisor Cord - ADD-1014
Inline Mute Switch - ADD-1015