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Badge Holders - Badge Holders

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A clip-on badge holder from IDpaq will withstand years of use. We have one of the widest selections of badge holders and clips anywhere. 

Laminated pouches allow the consumer to protect a document within a layer of plastic material by process of lamination. It is quite common for people to laminate things such as luggage tags, work ID cards, personal identification cards, library cards, and other documents of importance. Lamination helps to preserve the document and strengthen its reliability. The process requires three things: The laminator, the laminating pouch and the document to be laminated. 

Our ID badge holders are the perfect solution for your Photo ID needs. Badge holders are easy to use, properly display identification and protect your photo ID. Slip your photo ID card through the top or side of the holder, depending on the model. Several sizes of badge holders are available to accommodate all types of photo identification. These badge holders can be used with badge clips, lanyards, badge reels and more. We have one of the widest selections of photo ID supplies available Strap clips for holding ID badge or name badges. Our strap clips are made of high quality vinyl and the clips are chrome plated and will not rust. Many sizes and colors available. We also have locking pins, badge adapters and reinforced strap clips for military, corporate and government use

Badge reels come in many styles, colors, shapes and quality. They are used for carrying access control cards, keys, ID cards and much more. With a pull of the cord the reel extends out to the access control reader then retracts.

ID badge holders are size specific. Pouches are rated by their thickness. Thickness measurements for pouches are measured in one "mil" increments. Mil thicknesses commonly sold to the public are between three (thin) and ten mil (thick). As a frame of reference a mil is one thousandth of an inch, or .001 inches (.025cm); glossy photographic paper, for example, is usually 10 mils thick. Of course there are thicker pouches, but they are most often used in industrial applications. Badge holders could be a Clear Badge holder, Rigid holder or hard pouches. Badge holders are made of polycarbonate too.

Badge holders come in a variety of sizes, shapes and types. Clear vinyl holders are the most popular for most uses. These are only provided in a clear heavy duty vinyl. Many specialty types are also carried such as convention card holders, magnetic card holders, color coded card holders, rigid card holders and arm band card holders. Some are available in different colors.