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**** offers ID Card Printers, ID Card Printing Accessories and Software for your small business, corporates and industries in Dubai. ID Card Printers are available at market price in Middle East at Idpaq.
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About Us

IDpaq is a market leader in Photo Identification and Visitor Management solutions based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are the webmarketing division of Wipaq group. We could provide the level of security which is required for the Identification badges of your organization. We help in integration of ID printing systems with magnetic stripes, barcoding, proximity RFID or smart card (contact or contact less) including photo Identification within a single card solution. There is an increased need for higher security and new technologies for access control and time and attendance implementations using multi levels of card security. For these kind of solutions you need more than just an ID card printer and software you need a complete ID Badging solution from IDpaq.

At IDpaq we employ a dedicated and enthusiastic team of engineers and graduates, marketing and distributing a co-ordinated range of products. Our complete range of Photo Identification systems includes all the equipment you need to make professional looking ID cards, Attendance Cards, Access Badges and visitors cards reflecting a professional organization in the corporate world.

Our Bureau Service Section allows you to have your own ID Design, and we shall print it for you on your behalf. We shall store your design in our database for any further additional cards to be produced, thereby not incurring recurring cost for ID designing.

IDpaq pride ourselves on providing the best service and support in the industry. We are dealers and distributor for various brands of Card printing machines. Our qualified representatives are always ready to answer all of your plastic card printing questions and to give you the right solutions for your ID Card printing systems. Our staff include certified, factory-trained technicians, providing excellent support and on-site maintenance if needed. A Customer always feel confident in choosing IDpaq systems for all your plastic card printing needs. We have provided ID card printers and supplies to major corporations, educational institutions and government Departments.