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ExcelID - ExcelID Elite

In ExcelID Elite a user may custom create an unlimited number of full-color, dual-sided card designs. ExcelID also comes with a variety of design tools that enable users to design and create a professional ID card.


  • Add bar codes and magnetic strips to card designs
  • Import graphics for backgrounds
  • Add logos, static text, variable text
  • Auto numbering, date management
  • Create List for Data entry
  • Create transparency effects
  • Create transparency effects
  • Conditional display


Brand: ExcelID
Warranty :  1 Year
Model No. : Elite
Discontinued:  No
Encoding:  Magnetic Stripe and Barcodes
Operating System:  Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows7 : 32 and 64 bit
Capabilities:  Double Sided


Admin Module :
In this module the following features could be performed
Select Language
Manage user accounts and assign permissions like
Administrator Login Control — Allow user management.
Data Entry — Allow Add records, Delete records, Search records, Print, Import data, Export data
Card Design — Allow Create project, Delete project, View template, Modify template, Delete template
Report - Allow View report, Print report
Card Design Center :
This module lets the user create a project and design a card template. The tools include Logo, Text, static Text, Photo, Auto Number, Signature, Date, List, Barcode, Magnetic stripe, smart card. Each tool can be further fine tuned using an easy to use design tools
Appearance : Modify Border colour, border width, field color, font color, alignment, vertical alignment
Layout : Modify rotation, Left and top orientation, height, width
Font : Modify Font, Font size, Text decor, Font Weight and Font style
Options : Specify data type, visibility, Max length of the characters, text wrap, suffix or prefix, auto reduce text, mandatory field, character casing, fill unused space, whether unique and conditional display
Data Entry Center :
In Data entry center the user could enter the relevant data, import/export template and set live link to an external database. Other features include advanced record search, batch print, print settings, update data, zoom etc. During data entry process the user could preview both sides of the card giving an idea of the final output.
Reports :
ExcelID can generate reports of cards generated in a date wise or user defined criteria based in the report module. The reports can be exported into excel for further analysis too.
Salient Features :
Design Tools:  Horizontal, Diagonal or Vertical Lines, Ellipses, Rectangles, Text
Images : Create and delete categories, add images to categories
linear Barcodes : More than 25 barcodes types, major styles supported
2D Barcodes : Two dimensional, high capacity and density barcodes. Photo on PDF417 and PDF417 reader.
Signature : Signature Plugin for direct signature acquisition from tablet
Alignment : Align objects based on reference field
Conditional Display : Fields can be customised to conditionally display
Date : Custom Date format and Custom display
List : List data enabled to select fixed data in card design center
Magnetic encode : ISO Non ISO and Custom encoding, via Windows Driver.
Smartcard plugin : Configure external plugin for smartcard encoding
Image : Import in various formats like jpg, bmp, gif, tiff and image enhancing tools like crop, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation etc
Twain interface : Use direct image acquisition using the TWAIN interface. 
ODBC : Import data from external database using ODBC connectivity
Live Link : Live link to external database
Printing : Printer set up and Print single, multiple, from database, front & back options Magnetic Encode, Contactless Encoding, Smart Card Encoding. Batch printing option available.